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Biblical Interpretation from Someone with no Training in Biblical Interpretation

Your Place in Heaven

While making the notes for today’s article I had been reading the Bible cover to cover.  I try to mix it up every time I read the Bible and it’d … Continue reading

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Price Tag

I was talking to someone close to me about church one day and I learned that they had stopped attending.  When I inquired as to why, the answer was “All … Continue reading

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A Heart for Helping

I was watching a sermon about the story of Simon the sorcerer.  Simon was a former magician who converted to Christ.  The Bible records his conversion in Acts 8:12-13, But … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus, Really?

While considering the previous article, a question that I had put out of my mind multiple times happened to pop up again: Who is Jesus, really?  I mean, really think … Continue reading

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Exactly What You Want, But Not How You Want It

Around the time I was writing the notes for this article, I had been privy to a bizarre phenomenon: everyone around me (including my wife and I) had been suddenly … Continue reading

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Demonic Degenerate

I saw a seminar on preaching a few years ago, and the leader of it highlighted how difficult it can be for a pastor who wants to promote righteousness in … Continue reading

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In Acts 2:44 it says of the early church, “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”  Everything in common?  Really?  I understand hyperbole, but this seems like … Continue reading

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