The Layman's Bible

Biblical Interpretation from Someone with no Training in Biblical Interpretation


Psalm 120 ends with, Woe to me that I dwell in Meshech, That I live among the tents of Kedar! Too long have I lived Among those who hate peace. … Continue reading

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The Faith of Jonah

Jonah is one of my favorite prophets because not only did he sass back to God but was still honored in the Bible with his own book after doing it.  … Continue reading

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The Battle Plan of God

The believer’s life is a constant struggle.  The world at large thinks our faith is stupid and sin is just so gosh darn enticing- isn’t it?  How do we combat … Continue reading

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The Lord Who Fights for Us

Psalms 118:14 says, “The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.”  Our God is a loving father and will fight for those who need him.  … Continue reading

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Wrath for Evil

One of the most common questions I hear from believers (and normal folk as well) is “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  The extremely unsatisfying answer is that … Continue reading

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The Strength of God

As we go about our daily lives it’s easy to forget just how powerful the Lord is.  Luckily there are numerous reminders in the Scriptures.  Let’s take a look through … Continue reading

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Out and In

For those who have been reading along, you’ll know we’ve been crawling through the Book of Joel.  As it turns out, a book I thought was predominantly about locusts isn’t … Continue reading

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