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Being a Positive Influence

The Bible has a lot to say on being a good leader- I mean we just finished a series on Paul instructing Titus on that very subject.  But it bears … Continue reading

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Isolation = Holiness?

When I first accepted Christ fully as my Lord, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to just how pervasive sin is in the world.  This absolutely changed how I looked … Continue reading

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Pump the Brakes

In our increasingly digital world we’re often exposed to what is referred to as “drama.”  Most internet communities have some measure of toxicity as negativity seeps in and poisons the … Continue reading

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You might have noticed over the past few articles that a lot of the Book of Titus is about how to live.  “Do this, don’t do that” sort of stuff.  … Continue reading

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Being a Light

Jesus famously taught, You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  … Continue reading

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Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea

Recently a friend of mine asked me a question that I answered probably faster than I should have (since I’m still thinking on it).  He asked, “If God didn’t exist, … Continue reading

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When God Gives You Power

Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a “Bible crawl” as it were through the Book of Titus.  Usually with these we look at roughly five verses and learn … Continue reading

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Women and Men

Paul, the guy who wrote most of the New Testament letters, gets a fair bit of flack on his treatment of women.  And it’s probably not entirely undeserved.  Paul’s usage … Continue reading

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Bad Christians

I’m not here to name names- but there are some bad apples in Christendom.  Like, real bad.  I’m not talking about Christians who make mistakes, we all do that and … Continue reading

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What to Aim For

I’ve heard it noted in religious leader conferences that a pastor should avoid telling a Bible story and follow up by saying “be like him/her.”  Often, doing so sets up … Continue reading

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The Intangible Life of a Christian

Those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord have our lives drastically changed- or at least we’re supposed to.  I mean evangelists and zealous preachers certainly talk … Continue reading

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Crackerbox Palace

It was a dark time.  Though I post these articles weekly, I hadn’t actually written anything new in around six months (holy backlog, Batman!).  And, honestly, I wasn’t real pleased … Continue reading

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Before You Marry: The Long Haul

So you have it in your heart to marry.  The last two articles hopefully were helpful in understanding some of the issues that come with joining your life to another’s.  … Continue reading

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Before You Marry: Power

So you read the previous article explaining sex almost as a duty and you still want to get married?  Alright, then today let’s talk about the power structure in a … Continue reading

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