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Biblical Interpretation from Someone with no Training in Biblical Interpretation

Zephaniah’s Epilogue: Israel

Very often Gentile Christians (like myself) can forget about Israel.  After all, didn’t “God’s people” reject him to the point that the Lord opened salvation to us?  I mean, Paul … Continue reading

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Happily Ever After

Let’s be frank, life often sucks.  We struggle to make ends meet, we struggle to find our place in the world, and we struggle to make time- we struggle.  Of … Continue reading

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Post-Apocalyptic Jerusalem

One extremely popular entertainment genre is post-apocalyptic fiction.  You know it; some disaster befalls the world and we get to watch, read, or play as the survivors- dealing with life … Continue reading

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Holy Disappointment

What really sucked to hear after we messed up as children?  “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”  Our parents put a lot of stock into us and had high hopes; … Continue reading

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Spiritual Arrogance

I know people, good people; people who would drop anything to come help you if you needed it.  But mention religion- especially Jesus- and those same people grow incredibly smug, … Continue reading

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God Responds to Religious Bullies

As a Christian in a peaceful country in the internet age I’m not real concerned about my safety in connection with my faith in Jesus and the Bible.  No, instead … Continue reading

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The Punishment of Philistia

Some of the more difficult passages of the Bible can be found in the books of the prophets.  More so are nation-specific prophecies.  But just because a passage is hard … Continue reading

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