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All About Bread

Ever since I started spending time in the Scriptures, I’ve come to realize the Bible talks an awful lot about bread.  Who would have thought that God cared so much about the staple food of the western world?  Thankfully, whenever I’ve wondered about this bread-obsessed Book, the Holy Spirit has been right there with me to help me understand what I’m reading about.  To this end I’ve written down some of what I’ve learned from bread-based passages and have posted them here on the blog.  If you’d like to find out more about bread in the Bible, check out the following articles:

All About Bread (Bread Cross)All About Bread

All About Bread II: The Bread of Life

All About Bread III: A Loaf of Bread

All About Bread IV: The Bread of Presence

I’ll warn you now, these articles do not deal exclusively with bread, but the source verses usually have to do with bread (sometimes in odd ways).  So if you read an article and think, “That really didn’t talk that much about bread,” that’s why.  Anyway, enjoy and find out what the Word of God has to say on this most delicious of topics!


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