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Hey you!  Yeah, you!  Are you ready for some extreme doctrine?!  If not, I’d recommend leaving this page and avoid the links, because from here on out it’ll be pure Biblical discussion.  Not that namby-pamby “Jesus Loves You” kind of stuff either (though he does love you).  No, today we’re talking about dongs and symbolic drowning!


But seriously, the Member-ship series are a discussion on what is required to be a Christian, if anything at all.  As noted above, the approach is largely doctrine-focused, so the articles aren’t exactly light reading.  Though I hope they do read easily; as the topics presented are somewhat important for a Christian in understanding where they are in Christ.  So, without further ado….


Member-ship Intro (Chop Chop)Part 1– During Paul’s time a major debate in the church was whether or not circumcision was a requirement for entering into the body of Christ.  It had been a requirement for male Jews for thousands of years that they be circumcised to be considered member of the Jewish community so it seemed logical that new Christians would need to be shorn too.  But then some uncircumcised Gentiles started getting the Holy Spirit and that sort of messed up the status quo.   I warned you there’d be dongs.  Anyway, check out the article and find out if dudes need to be circumcised to be a Christian.


Member-ship Intro (Baptism)Part 2– With the issue of circumcision resolved long ago, Christians decided instead to fight for the last 2000 years about baptism.  Is baptism really needed for salvation?  Can you be saved without being baptized?  Doesn’t anyone else see the parallels between baptism and circumcision?  This article about the symbolic death (apparently by drowning) of a person through immersion looks at whether or not you actually need to be baptized to go to heaven.


Part 3– Part 2 actually covered the main arguments for the Member-ship series; however, the Holy Spirit knows that people are not easily convinced and even less likely to change their minds.  Therefore he gave me several other proofs to help back up the argument made in Part 2.  This is basically additional information that should help to strengthen people’s understanding of baptism and hopefully leave others with a firm belief on whether or not one needs to be baptized to be saved.


I honestly don’t know how anyone could read these articles and not come to the same conclusions I was lead to through the Holy Spirit while he gave me the Bible verses to write down.  But arguments on doctrine tend to be lengthy and surprisingly vicious; which I suppose is a sign of just how much we all want to do right by God.  Anyway, Member-ship is a good read and pretty darn informative (though I’m a little biased).  So check out the articles, if you’re not too much of a wuss!  May the Lord and his Word always be praised!

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