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This Job Sucks!

This Job Sucks Series (This Job Sucks)

Are you unhappy with your current lot in life? Do you feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick in terms of a calling or a career? If not, then this series probably doesn’t concern you. However, if you are looking at your current situation and saying, “Hey, this job sucks; I want that guy’s job. What’s the deal God?” then this is the series for you! In the three articles that follow we look at the Levites as they are called out of the rest of the tribes to be set apart for the Lord…as pack animals. Understandably this doesn’t sit well with them and they cry out to Moses, “This job sucks!”

In the first article, “This Job Sucks!,” we find the Levites being called holy to the Lord. However, they are not holy enough to do anything more than carry the Tent of Meeting from place to place. This post deals with the disenfranchised Christian who feels that they’re not getting all that was promised by the pastor or evangelist who brought him or her to salvation. “God said he was going to use me for great things, so why am I still in my same old job with the same old people?” Hopefully you will come to realize, like the Levites, that the Lord keeps his promises…but maybe not in the timeframe you were expecting.

After carrying things for months on end, the Levites were upset. They were too holy to have fun and mix with the other Israelites, but not holy enough for any leadership positions or even to look at holy things. In “Armchair Quarterback” we follow the Levites as they try to claim a place for themselves among Israel’s leaders. As far as you’re life is concerned, this article looks at the dangers in envying those you see ahead of you and understanding that God put you where he put you for a reason.

To finish off the story, after Korah’s rebellion was put down, who had to clean up the mess? In “His Job Sucks Too” we take a look at the other side and see just how green things are over there. This article focuses on what life is like for those in a leadership position (there is specific focus given to pastors). You might think your job sucks, but their job sucks too.

Take a look at these and hopefully you’ll learn what the Holy Spirit taught me: that when God calls you, he calls you where you need to be for the time being. And so if you find that your job sucks right now, don’t give up hope for something better…but don’t waste time thinking about someone else’s job either.


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