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Something for Everyone

A very common sermon topic is Jesus’ seven letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation.  But as I read through Revelation, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me get away with not writing down what he had to tell me.  I tried.  Really, like for three days.  However, the Spirit will not be denied and so neither shall you.  You’ll notice that there are four links below; however, there are only three parts.  The other link goes to a version that has not been split up (and has a few extra pictures).  That way if you would rather just read the whole thing at once, you can; or if you’d rather read it in parts that’s open to you too.  What these articles describe is what Jesus wrote to the churches and what they mean for us.  As it turns out, there are many different stages of walking with Christ, and to each one Jesus has something to say both in rebuke and in encouragement.  Find out where you are and how you can go further in your walk with Christ!

Something for Everyone (Letter to the Church)

Something for Everyone– This is the complete version, which features a few extra pictures.  The writing is exactly the same as the other ones; I just copied and pasted them together, so there’s no need to go reading through again looking for bonus information, because there isn’t any.

Something for Everyone (Part 1)– Part One features an introduction to the series and deals with the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamum.  Churches which have grown cold, are under attack, and are having trouble balancing their doctrine.

Something for Everyone (Part 2)– Part Two focuses in-depth on the churches in Thyatira (which is dealing with false teachers) and Sardis (which is essentially a dead church).

Something for Everyone (Part 3)– This is the thrilling conclusion.  In it Jesus discusses the churches in Philadelphia and Laodicea.  The churches are kind of opposites, since the Philadelphians are doing their best and the Laodiceans couldn’t care less.  This section also covers all of the promises that Jesus makes in his letters.


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