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Biblical Interpretation from Someone with no Training in Biblical Interpretation

The “Get Off Your Mountain!” series

From time to time I will be putting a few longer posts that usually will have more pictures (as they are longer) and are more in-depth than the average post.  These are from a series of writings that I did called “Get off Your Mountain!”  All of these writings are older than most of what I am posting these days and were written with the intent that they would go together as a set.  They are largely based off what God told the Israelites before they crossed the Jordan, “The Lord our God said to us at Horeb, ‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain” (Deuteronomy 1:6).  As such, most of the articles are about moving on from previous ideas or ways of life.  I treat mountains as a place where we often get stuck in or hung up on in our lives (either good or bad) and to all of them, the Lord says, “Get off Your Mountain!”

Get Off Your Mountain (Moses)During the original writing of the series, I became very upset with my style and had confusion within my own doctrine, and as such I stopped writing mid-sentence and did not pick up a pen for Biblical writing until six months later.  Now that I have once again found my bearings, I finished the article that had caused me to stop (after some heavy editing) and have started typing up and posting what I wrote here.  Aside from what has already been written, I still have a rather large pile of notes for future entries in the series.

Since organizing my rather scatterbrained notes from over a year ago, writing the articles, and in turn typing them up for the blog takes a significant amount of time, I am not able to post the whole series at one time.  However, I will be releasing it bit by bit as I finish each article from whatever step it may be on right now.  Their titles have changed from what they were and the articles themselves have been edited, both to allow for a stand-alone reading of each.

So far on The Layman’s Bible you can find:

1. Get off Your Mountain! (Originally titled “The Command to Leave Mt. Horeb,” this acts as the introduction to the series)

2. The Dangers of Stagnation (This article lays down the basic premise for the whole series as to why we should get off of our mountains)

3. Moses, Mt. Sinai, and the Law (A very long look at the Law of God)

4. Blessings and Curses: Where do you Stand? (Are you under God’s curse or are you blessed,  take a look at where you stand in your relationship to the Lord)

5. A Church on a Hill (A hard look into the problems that have plagued the church for centuries, but seem to be becoming more problematic in more recent years)

As for the future of the series; I have several partly-organized notes for articles and a pile of unorganized notes for future writings.  So stay tuned and remember, “Get Off Your Mountain, and take your promised land!”


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