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The Beast + Slavery + The Law = ?

This isn't gonna be on the test, is it?

This isn’t gonna be on the test, is it?

What does the sign of the beast, slavery laws, and varied rules and the Bible equal? Would you believe marriage? That’s what the Holy Spirit taught me through the writing of this series. Truly, all things point to Jesus Christ and our relationship to him, and these articles exemplify that as we look at topics from all over the Bible that somehow all come back to our marriage-like relationship with our Lord through salvation.

The first article, Three Sixes, was intended to be a standalone article when it was first written. The Holy Spirit had showed me that the meaning of 666 is less of a window to the future and more of a mirror to where humanity is going on its own. The article looks at the social structure of Satan and compares that to a believer’s marriage to Jesus.

…But something wasn’t satisfactory. If we’re the spouse of the Lord when we’re saved, then why is it that in so many places we’re referred to as “slaves” and “servants” of God? I plied the Holy Spirit with this and received my answer through a little-discussed regulation in the Law concerning slavery. And so Slave of Christ? was born.

…But something still wasn’t right. If we’re supposed to be the freed bride of Christ, then why are there so many rules, regulations, and laws? Almost a year after writing the notes for the first two articles, the Holy Spirit explained how our marriage with Jesus relates to our worldly marriages. In House Rules we find that the laws of God very well do have a place in our marriage with Christ just as much as the common house rule of “keep the toilet seat down” has a place in our earthly marriages.

For now, it seems that the Holy Spirit has given me a satisfactory explanation of our marriage with our Savior. If you have any more questions on the topic, feel free to ask (in the comments) and I’ll pray and see what the Holy Spirit has to say. Happy reading!


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